Sliding Sash Windows

Superior Choice, Superior Quality

Draft sealed, superior U-Value performance, any choice of colour and any choice of design your imagination can stretch to, Kirk & Cranston can match in with Georgian, Edwardian or even Victorian era designs.


These windows can either be made with sash weights as they did many years ago or the more modern version of spring balances which eliminates the cast or lead weights that slide in the boxes. Both of these types of windows can be double glazed with thin Georgian bars, draught sealed & with a U-Value as low as 13.


We can make these from any type of timber & finish them to any colour you require whether that is from the Heritage range or simply an ‘off white’. All we need is a RAL colour number for your choice.


The Kirk & cranston designers make a range of sliding sash windows to either compliment buildings or to match up exactly with the original design (i.e. listed buildings). We make these windows to match in with existing Georgian, Edwardian or even Victorian designs of that era.